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Success comes from challenges. Since establishment in 1997, GCA Professional Services Group has prevailed over some of the toughest economical times, most notably the Asian financial crisis, the economic recessions during 2003 and 2008. In the early 1990s, founders of GCA Professional Services Group were some of the few foreseers who were able to develop and maintain a close connection with markets in the Greater China and Asia Pacific regions. Their foresight has paid off tremendously, as GCA Professional Service Group was able to reap the benefits of its early entry to the markets by building invaluable networks which are essential to its long-term strategic plan and expansion.

Inheriting from its successful business model in Hong Kong, GCA Professional Service Group has started providing advisory services for various projects including financial investment, fund development, fund raising for IPOs and Sino-foreign joint ventures in China, etc.

Encouraged by the success of our first 13 years, we have established representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai in 2003 and 2009 respectively to provide clients with a wider range of professional services.

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