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Operation Consulting Services
We provide consulting services for mineral and energy projects that are or have been in operation. Our assistance can enhance long-term profitability of the projects by offering comprehensive solutions with practical know-how, such as guidance on project efficiency improvement, operational process optimisation and creation of flexible operations.

  • Exploration Design Consulting
    Our mineral and energy consultants possess strong operational backgrounds. We provide detailed project evaluation to ensure a smooth exploration program and enhance program's efficiency. Typical tasks involve:
    • Guidance on the exploration program and drilling campaign
    • Exploration program budgeting
    • Assessment of step-out and infill drilling plans
    • Exploration reporting
  • Operation Management
    Our experts possess strong experience in operating and maintaining mine sites. We assist clients in reviewing their operation process and addressing major issues to advise appropriate practices. We aim at maximising operational efficiency of client's project, increasing its productivity and value. Typical tasks involve:
    • Operational audit
    • Risk management
    • Equipment and infrastructure
    • Logistics
    • Safety
    • Marketing
  • Environmental Consulting
    We assess the environmental impacts on extraction of minerals and energy and provide recommendations on improvement of environmental challenges to add value to clients' organisations and reduce their potential risks on projects. Typical tasks include:
    • Project environmental issues analysis
    • Preparation of environmental impact assessments
    • Provision of solutions to potential environmental hazards
    • Waste management
    • Air and water quality programs and compliance
    • Explosives and blasting
    • Application of radioactive material licenses
  • Project Team Formation
    • Organisational advisory
    • Management review
    • Coordination of qualified independent advisors to a project
    • Board members and senior management team recommendation
  • Others
    We also provide other professional services to assist operation of clients' organisations, including but not limited to:
    • Expert witness in international arbitration and litigation
    • Preparation of contracts and tenders
    • Provision of insurance advice from technical aspects

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