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Assets Investment Advisory
GCAS plans and implements investment strategies for clients. Customised investment portfolios are designed in accordance with each client's requirement. With the valuation risks and maximisation of investment return, our professional team recommends a portfolio in line with your investment objectives. The ultimate goal of our advisory service is to help you to gain the best returns.

The investment portfolio is formulated with the following criteria - the investment risks should be lowered to the minimum and be reasonable and acceptable to the company. It should also be compatible with and supported by the risk management of the company. Above all, the objective of the portfolio is for the long-term development of the company, in terms of both tangible and intangible benefits.

Our Company helps you to manage the portfolio by various methods, which includes reviewing your company's financial stability, formulating investment policies and strategies, evaluating different investment alternatives, selecting among investment alternatives and preparing relevant investment reports.

We always uphold the principle of recovery by adopting a proactive approach in asset investment and having strong connections with independent PE and VC funds. It can secure an easy and cost effective access to the capital markets. Overall, we will review and revise the company's investment policy on a regular basis according to the company's objective and the current global market situations.

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