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Financial Reporting Services
GCAS understands that an investment decision can only be made with accurate and timely financial information. We dedicate a professional in-house financial manager to each client's portfolio. A comprehensive risk assessment is conducted and credit control is closely monitored by the asset manager.

GCAS' skilled professionals maintain a high standard of integrity and sustainability in the commercial market. It is coupled with our commitment to high quality valuation services. We also provide audit-related services with the support of related professionals. The success and growth of our clients are the main objectives under the vehicle of IPOs. In Hong Kong, we acted as a land economist and portfolio advisor for the first Chinese REIT in its successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

We offer asset valuation services through one of the GCA Professional Services Group's companies, Greater China Appraisal. Greater China Appraisal is a leading provider in real estate and industrial assets valuation, business and intangible asset valuation, financial instruments valuation, mineral and energy valuation, as well as business consulting services. Greater China Appraisal has undertaken valuation for over 400 companies listed on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange and other clients over the world. For more details, please visit their company website:

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