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Mineral and Energy Technical Consulting

Greater China Mineral & Energy Consultants provides professional services for mineral and energy projects at different stages, including greenfield exploration, advanced exploration, project feasibility, plant development, production, mine upgrading and closure. With a team of experienced technical experts, it provides one-stop solution that facilitates clients' project development from both technical and financial perspectives and provides a bridge to capital market.

Real Estate & Asset Advisory

The Real Estate & Asset Advisory Division undertakes valuation of all types of fixed assets ranging from real estate to plant and machinery, equipment, fixtures and fittings. In addition, Greater China Appraisal has other divisions that offer parallel valuation solutions in respect of intangible assets and financial instruments. Our clients can always set their minds at ease, knowing that we can take care of the valuation requirements of all their assets, both tangible or intangible.

Fund Management

Greater China Capital Limited's Fund Management team provides consulting services to institutional investors for portfolios of all sizes. We take on the responsibility on behalf of our clients in selecting and managing their asset portfolio. We provide recommendations in relation to the asset class and investment style that are most appropriate and suitable for the objectives and preferred risk profile of our clients.

Corporate Services

Greater China Corporate Consultancy & Services Limited (GCCS) is a provider of corporate and consultancy services in areas such as corporate governance, company secretary, corporate accounting and tax, ESOP, human resources advisory and event management.

Pre-IPO Advisory

Why go public?
Going public is a significant milestone in a company's development. However, IPO is a complicated and time-consuming process that is fraught with hurdles. To achieve a successful offering, a company will have to consult advisors from accounting, legal, corporate finance and underwriting professions to tackle any arising issue or problem.

Business & Intangible Asset Valuation

Business valuation is a process to provide independent unbiased opinions of value for business or a business interest. It is different from an “appraisal”, which is the determination of the worth of tangible personal property and/or real property. Business valuation analysts also value intangible assets that do not have a physical form.

Financial Risk Management

Our financial risk management professionals adopt a framework of adding economic value to our clients' businesses by identifying and managing company’s risk exposures such as market risk, credit risk, foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk and liquidity risk by implementing various strategies.

Fund Administration

Being one of Asia Pacific’s leading providers of financial services, GCA Professional Services Group offers a wide range of securities and fund services, ranging from fund valuation to transaction management and more. With us, you have a true partnership that is focused on easing your administration burdens, so you can concentrate on managing and expanding your business.



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