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GCA professionals have vast industry knowledge and experience in corporate governance, and in addition, our exceptional network with many of the finest financial risk management experts, bankers, auditors and attorneys, which enable us to go above and beyond all compliance requirements of your business.

We implement corporate governance practices of the highest industry standard for our clients, specifically with the design and implementation of internal controls based on the Code on Corporate Governance Practices C.2 published by The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

Financial Compliance
Compliance with the long list of rules and regulations has become a daunting task for businesses in the capital market, and with constant changes being made; many businesses will struggle in attaining full compliance with all relevant rules and regulations. Our financial compliance team at GCA is comprised of experienced regulatory and compliance professionals in offering the best regulatory and compliance advisory services to asset managers, investment advisors, funds and other investment product brokerages. The team comprises of former regulators, in-house legal advisors, compliance personnel and audit professionals.

Internal Control
GCA’s internal control service is designed to detect and prevent errors and fraudulent activities to ensure the safeguarding of assets; and to ascertain financial information is accurate and reliable. Clients who utilise our internal control services range from small private businesses to publicly listed conglomerates from different industries.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404 Compliance
We provide risk-based, efficient and value-for-money SOX compliance services. We offer comprehensive solutions starting from scoping, risk assessment, process and review documentation and testing, to reporting and remediation of control weaknesses, as well as co-sourcing arrangements. We were involved in SOX compliance for clients from a wide range of industries and sizes, and have adapted industry-leading internal control practices, the COSO internal controls framework and control objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBiT) IT controls framework to support our efficient and value-for-money approach.

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