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Capital Market Strategy
Nowadays, capital market is very volatile. Underperforming companies are often neglected by investors. Having a well-planned capital market strategy will help enterprises to enhance their market value and strengthening their market position.

Capital Market Analyses
GCA helps clients to understand the capital market, including how the market value individual companies, as well as the effect of market expectation on company share prices. By having a thorough analysis, an action plan involving mergers and acquisitions, spin off, or divestment can be developed to narrow the gap between market perception and the company’s perception of corporate strategies and goals.

Capital Market Communication
For investors to fully appraise the value of a company, an effective and efficient communication programme is essential. GCA helps the company to understand the current communication gap. We assist the company to develop a communication programme which will articulate their strategies and business targets clearly to their investors and effectively manage the investors’ expectation on company’s performance.

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