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Initial Public Offering
Initial public offering has become a successive way for companies to tap the capital market. From a private company to a public company, company will face a whole series of changes including cultural and structural. Before the decision is made, GCA will help client to analyse the created value of the initial public offering, advising on the timing, place of listing and structure of the IPO.

IPO Preparation
IPO is a key event in the life of a company. It also provides opportunities for company to review their strategy and launch incentive schemes for managements. Since IPO will involve many professionals and regulatory bodies, we will assist our client to prepare their organisation adequately for the process.

Select the Right Team
With extensive knowledge in the capital market, we understand the strength and weaknesses of different advisors. GCA assists the company to select the best team for the IPO process.

Project Management
Capital market fluctuates, capturing the right moment to list is crucial. Therefore rigorous time management is necessary in the IPO process. We support our client in the overall project management, coordinate with advisors involved to make sure that various process milestones are met in time.

Equity Story and Independent Valuation
Business plan is the base for the company’s equity story. We help our client to develop the business plan and provide independent valuation of the company’s business in order to assess the IPO price.

Post IPO Management
Once IPO is completed, the company will be in constant interaction with the financial market. Business targets of the company will be subject to the scrutiny of the financial community. GCA assists client to develop action plan to achieve these targets and we also assist the company to manage market expectation and perceptions.

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Pre-IPO Advisory
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